Heck yeah.


Interactive Display


It's important for retailers to deliver a unique, informative and interactive in-store experience to keep up with the world of online retail. Insight is my solution.

I created Insight to deliver dynamic and beautiful content to users in a brick and mortar setting. I developed a software platform that takes the best of web functionality -HTML5, CSS & JS- houses it in an onboard touchscreen computer and can be changed on the fly via the cloud. It functions on the machine just like an app and works independent of the net, unless content needs to be swapped out.

Insight delivers content rich tailor made experiences featuring inventory, brand stories, video, photos and the list goes on. On top of that, I built in RFID technology, which can recognize which pair of eyewear the user is interacting with. Once a user picks up a pair of glasses from the display the software knows which pair it is and then loads the desired content related to that pair so the user can explore. The display even gives you reccommendations on styles you may like based off of the pair of glasses you picked up.

The future of shopping is beautiful & fluid content that is available at your fingertips.