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GameWear was an industry leader in custom sports uniforms and jackets. Utilizing proprietary fabric technologies and splitting manufacturing with Nike they created custom uniforms for teams across the United States for everything from Track & Field to Ice Hockey.

I worked with them to create a 124 page catalog showing all of their products, services and customization capabilities. This included strategy, copy writing, photography, product design, compositing and leading a team to bring this massive project to life.

At a glance.

This catalog features hundreds of customizable products. I took thousands of photographs utilizing the ghost mannequin technique and edited them together into customizable photoshop images. This allowed the team to create realistic mockups in real time for clients.

I also created some of the products from the ground up in photoshop using digital painting techniques. This was done for all spandex products and resulted in a very clean look that was easy to manipulate.

Along with this catalog I also created an interactive online builder that allowed customers to customize and order products online. The catalog and online building tool were huge projects that presented multiple challenges, but ultimately were a lot of fun to work on.